JoPonSis (joponsis) wrote in jindies,

Juliadoll [disbanded - Mai 2008]

Hey, I am requesting anything of Juliadoll.

I am pretty lazy, coz its late its late over here and I haven't slept the last night, so I did a screensnap~
( ^ _____ ^"")


I have to add the Osaka Muse live Bands@id of 15th of octobre 2007~

So, could you please tell me if I missed something?

I'd love to ask some more questions, like when did they formed, who was former and who was leader, some regular dates about the members and I'd love to get some pics... I looked for their blogs, but they are deleted... And the OHP is gone too~~
I know they disbanded after their last live on 20th of Mai 2008 which was visited by around 30 people?? Is that true?
*raise eyebrow

If you'd like to have any bribes, feel free to ask for anything and I'll have a look if I have sth for you!

Thanks in advance!!

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