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DaizyStripper "LOVE AFFAIR" TOUR 2010 May 29th 2010 at Tokyo Kudankaikan

"Through Good Times and Bad Times with DaizyStripper"
DaizyStripper "LOVE AFFAIR" TOUR 2010
May 29th 2010 at Tokyo Kudankaikan

DaizyStripper had been touring all over Japan with their "LOVE AFFAIR" one-man tour and on May 29th their journey would be brought to an end - not only with a final performance to sum up the events, but with their very first solo concert at a hall with designated seats.

The fans were taking their places, looking forward to this very special night, when an English announcement expressed the gratefulness of the band, that this show had eventually sold out completely, before the hall went dark and dim blue lights illuminated it mysteriously.

One after the other the band members took their respective spots behind their instruments, with YU-GIRI coming out last, while all of them wore the outfits from the release of "春めく僕ら/Harumeku Bokura". KAZAMI counted in on the hi-hat and with the beginning of "TRIGGER" the lights brightened up; the melody filling the hall like a summer breeze. Playful beats and YU-GIRI's powerful voice caught the audience at an instant. "自慰的ショータイム/JIITEKI SHOWTIME" on the contrary, followed with much harder beats on the drums and flashing lights, accentuated with fast guitar riffs.

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PS: The writer eventually and quite happily fell in love with their music :D
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